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A premier Resort in Southern Africa that preserves and enhances the existing natural character within a secure, high quality, living environment

The residential Estate within Zimbali is run by its own Management Association (Zimbali Estate Management Association – ZEMA) and has a full time General Manager and staff. All purchasers (owners) are obligatory members of the Association and their offices are conveniently located at the administration offices, North Gate Suites, ground floor at the North Gate entrance to the Estate. The ZEMA Board of Directors is responsible for administering the guidelines for building and landscape development and for ensuring that contractors comply with the development manual and relevant site protocols. This is in support of the developer's vision for Zimbali, which is:

  • One of the finest coastal residential resorts in Southern Africa
  • A living environment of enduring quality and excellence
  • A development which sets new benchmarks in the industry
  • One to which its residents continuously aspire to be a part

Just as a successful company needs to professionally manage its affairs and reputation, and to strive for service excellence in all that it does, so too does ZEMA. As an Association we have the responsibility of effectively managing this Estate in its entirety for the benefit of all stakeholders and ultimately the reputation of Zimbali.

We have achieved this through the joint collaboration of professionals, individuals, committees and regulatory policies that have assisted in shaping this unique development.

The pages are filled with interesting and relevant information to ensure that you, the Owner, is kept up to date with all that is happening within Zimbali.

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